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what is dogbeach?

dogbeach is a band from new jersey. nobody knows the real genre, since there are no real rules or boundaries when it comes to creating music. it could be kind of like ska, kind of like rock, kind of like metal, kind of like who-the-hell-knows.

the current band is made up of:

bob maschio | vocals, guitar
kevin conrey | guitar
johnny denicola | bass
tyler morales | drums

the first release “dogbeach EP” came in 2022 with the songs “fake it”, “louder”, and “one more time”.

the second release “playa del perro” is available on all popular streaming platforms with singles “swollen” “blinking yellow lights” and “time”.

the third release “the emotional ocean” came along 7/21/2023 with singles “cricket club”, “rain”, “shame”.

the single “you” acts as a precursor for the next batch of music and will be released 9/8/2023

merchandise can be purchased at shows or online using this link

for booking or any other inquiries, please contact as at the email below.

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